Asterion Tripod Adapter М10-3/8"

adapter for EQ3, EQ5, HEQ5 tripods

  • Material: aluminum and bronze
  • Mother thread: M10 Female
  • Female threads: UNC 3/8'' x 16
  • Flange height: 25mm
  • Flange diameter: 58mm
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • Adapter
  • Packaging
Tripod Adapter M10-3/8'' is an adapter for mounting various mounts with 3/8'' photo thread (femal) to a telescope tripod with M10 thread (male). It can be used to mount Parabino mounts, standard photo heads, compact astro-tracker mounts and other compatible accessories on EQ5/HEQ5 type tripods.
The adapter must be screwed into the base of the mount being used and tightened. For this purpose, use the side hole into which you can insert a rod like a hexagonal wrench to use it as a lever. After that, the mount together with the adapter is mounted on the tripod with M10 mounting thread in the usual way.
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