Asterion Parabino HD

parallelogram mount for large binoculars

  • Maximum binocular weight: 3kg (standard) or 6.7kg optional (with second HD-CW counterweight)
  • Height travel range: 80cm
  • Arm length: 70cm
  • Set screw: 1/4''
  • Tripod mount: 3/8'' thread in the base of the stand
  • Weight: 8.2kg (mount - 3.5kg | bracket - 0.8kg | counterweight - 3.9kg)
  • Mounting
  • Binocular bracket
  • Counterweight
  • Handle
  • User's Manual
  • Packaging

Observing the Milky Way's scattered stars, distant nebulae and bright comets is certainly more enjoyable with two eyes. So a good pair of binoculars can be not just an addition to a telescope, but often even a replacement for it. Problems arise as aperture and weight increase. Observing with binoculars weighing more than 1 kg from hand becomes almost impossible, and a photographic tripod does not provide a comfortable position for the observer.

These large astronomical binoculars offer you many exciting stargazing experiences. The Asterion Parabino HD mount is the best solution for reliable and comfortable mounting of heavy binoculars. The parallelogram design allows the binoculars to move smoothly in the vertical plane while maintaining the direction of view and has all the
necessary degrees of freedom. The result is a balanced design that literally suspends the binoculars in mid-air, making handling as easy as possible.
The Parabino HD is equipped with a swivel cam for the binocular arm. That is, in addition to the two axes of rotation of the mount in elevation and azimuth, there is a third axis of rotation of the binocular arm itself. This allows the observer to smoothly and accurately track an object or survey its surroundings without changing his comfortable
position. The mount axes rotate gently and smoothly, ensuring comfortable searching and tracking.

The Parabino HD is equipped to mount most binoculars with apertures up to 80mm. However, the user can retrofit the mount with a second counterweight Parabino HD-CW to accommodate larger binoculars with apertures up to 110mm..
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