Asterion Push-To Kit (GSO Classic)
telescope encoder kit

  • Compatible telescopes: GSO Dobsonian Classic (with spring on horizontal axis) and analogs
  • Encoder resolution: 4000 pulses/revolution
  • Connection: Wi-Fi wireless network
  • Power supply: 5V DC (Micro USB connector)
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Encoder kit with controller
  • Mounting kit
  • USB / Micro USB power cable
  • User's Manual
  • Packaging
Finding an object to observe in a telescope on a classical Dobsonian mount can be quite a challenge even for an experienced observer. For most beginners, finding a faint nebula seems impossible. There is a convenient solution for both experienced observers and beginners - the Asterion Push-To digital circle system.

It is a set of two encoders with controller and brackets suitable for mounting on the GSO Dobsonian Classic Series GSO telescope and its analogs. The vertical axis encoder is permanently mounted, while the horizontal axis encoder has a quick-release mount that allows the telescope to be quickly disassembled for transportation.
Installing the Push-To system on your telescope can be accomplished in a few simple steps:
  • The first step is to mount the encoders on the telescope mount according to the instructions
  • To get started, install and configure one of the compatible planetarium programs on your computer or smartphone (SkySafari, StarSeek, Stellarium)
  • Connect power to the controller and ensure your device is connected via Wi-Fi network
  • When you start observing, you should snap to several objects in the starry sky
The system then accurately indicates the direction of the telescope directly on the planetarium's electronic maps, assisting the observer in pointing the telescope. Thanks to Asterion Push-To, the process of finding even the most complex objects in the starry sky becomes simple and understandable for everyone. But most importantly, the
observer works independently with the maps and points the telescope manually, gaining valuable experience and knowledge about the location of astronomical objects in the sky.
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