Asterion LiteSeat

compact chair for astronomical observations

  • Frame material: plywood
  • Seat height: 20 - 75 cm
  • Number of supports: 7
  • Spacing between supports: 103 mm
  • Maximum load: 90 kg
  • Weight: 4,65 kg
A chair with an adjustable seat height is required for comfortable and efficient visual observations through the telescope. With it, the observer can sit comfortably at the eyepiece and make long observations without feeling very tired. The Asterion LiteSeat chair is designed to do just that. The chair is designed so that the seat height can be quickly adjusted from 20-75 cm. This allows it to be used comfortably with telescopes on Dobson mounts up to 10'' or with compact telescopes on low tripods.
When assembled, the seat of the chair is compactly fixed inside the frame. This makes it very easy to carry and takes up little space during storage and transportation. The flat part of the chair frame serves as a comfortable backrest in the lower positions of the seat. This will prove convenient for making observations with binoculars or simply relaxing in nature.
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