Asterion Halation Combi

combined GMK-collimator

  • Landing barrel: 2''
  • Number of LEDs: W - 4 pcs white, R - 1 pcs red
  • Power: two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Weight: 0,12 kg
Halation Combi is a combination collimator for visual alignment of all types of telescopes. It combines the function of a classic GMK collimator and a handy illuminated cheshire. The switches on the front panel determine the mode of
operation. In W mode, four LEDs form a set of concentric highlights from each surface of the optical system. The telescope mirrors produce bright highlights, the lenses dim. This allows the collimator to objectively and visually display the state of alignment and allow it to be quickly accomplished.
The task is to reduce the glare from all optical surfaces of the telescope to a concentric picture. In Cheshire R mode, a target inside the housing is illuminated with red light, which allows you to quickly correct the alignment using the classical method.

The compact collimator housing has a 2'' barrel fit. Power is supplied by a built-in unit for two AAA batteries.

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