Asterion Flatster 10

flat-field panel with aperture up to 250mm

  • Flatster 6 light diameter: Ø270mm
  • Panel diameter: 311mm
  • Power supply: 12V DC (5.2x2.1mm "+" connector in the center)
  • Panel weight: 1.12kg
High-quality processing of astrophotographs requires the use of calibration or so-called flat-field frames. Post-processing with flat-fields "subtracts" vignetting of the telescope optical system, removes dust traces and other unwanted artifacts that appear on the source material. To shoot flatts, it is necessary to evenly illuminate the telescope aperture to create a scale of all unwanted gradients that occur in the optical path of the astrograph. The Asterion Flatster flat-field panels serve this purpose.

The panel is a compact LED illuminator that evenly illuminates the aperture of the astrograph. The Flatster is equipped with a regulator that allows you to select the necessary brightness within a wide range.
To shoot calibration shots you need to point the telescope to the zenith and place the panel on the edge of the tube or hood, having previously connected 12V power supply to the controller. Then it is necessary to select camera exposure and illuminator brightness, achieving correct filling of the histogram of the calibration frame.

When choosing a Flatster line of flatfield panels, make sure that the illuminator's light diameter completely covers the entrance aperture of your telescope at the edge of the tube or hood.
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