Asterion Ecliptica

equatorial platform for Dobson

  • Load capacity: 65kg
  • Compatible: telescopes on the classic Dobson mount 6-12'', ultra-light models up to 16''
  • Power supply: 9V from a 6F22 krona battery or external 9V AC adapter (2.1x5.2mm "+" connector in the center)
  • Maximum dimensions of the platform when assembled: 70x64x12cm
  • Weight: 6.2kg
  • Equatorial platform
  • Electric drive
  • Adjustable hinged feet with nuts
  • Supports f120mm for installation on loose surfaces
  • Assembly tool kit
  • Adapter cable for external power supply
  • User's Manual
  • Packaging

ATTENTION: The platform is not equipped with ECL-GR guide rails.

They are purchased separately according to the latitude of the observation site.

A Dobsonian telescope is a powerful, convenient, and affordable tool for observing a wide variety of objects in the cosmos. The problems with it start when you use medium or high magnification. Here, the lack of guidance quickly makes itself felt. Observations turn into a tedious chase for an object that constantly slips out of sight. The Asterion
Ecliptica equatorial platform solves this problem gracefully.

It will allow you to enjoy stable images of compact deep-sky objects, double stars, the Moon and planets as if your telescope had been mounted on a full equatorial mount for some time. It is also important that object tracking is parallel to the celestial equator, so it is equatorial. Therefore, rotation of the field of view does not appear, unlike alt-azimuthal tracking. This can be useful for long observations or sketching an object, and also opens up initial opportunities in astrophotography. The combination of a large Dobsonian, an equatorial platform and a modern sensitive camera allows for outstanding results in planetary astrophotography and beyond.
The Asterion Ecliptica is compact and easy to use. The telescope is mounted on the upper platform, which rotates electrically to follow the observed object for an hour and a half. All the functionality of the Dobsonian remains the same. You can freely move the tube, pointing the telescope in different parts of the sky, the platform only "stops"
the movement of stars for the duration of the cycle of leading. When the cycle is complete, the turntable must be returned to its home position.

The top platform has a solid welded steel frame base, and the plywood overlay on top allows mounting of all modern Dobsonian models with 6-12'' aperture. Larger telescopes can also be mounted on the platform provided the load capacity and base compatibility parameters are met.

Ecliptica is unique in that it can easily adapt to any latitude of the observing site within 40-60 degrees. By selecting the appropriate ECL-GR series guide set, the user will customize the platform to the latitude of their location. Moreover, actively traveling amateur astronomers will find it convenient to have an additional set, for example, for
observations at southern latitudes.
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